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Photo & Video Free Qiuxia Zeng iPhone, iPad, iPod

30,000+ high quality wallpapers for iPhone/iPod touch, update regularly.

- 3D
- Nature
- Plant
- Animal
- Architecture
- Car
- Military
- Fantasy
- Abstract
- Simple
- Pattern
- Art
- Food
- Funny
- Holiday
- Sky
- Space
- Travel
- Dragon
- Firework
- Graffiti
- Light
- Smoke
- Miscellaneous

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I hate this app I suggest a app called backgrounds alot better and it has funny pics and alot if names


Cool backgrounds, but I think that the "Saved" thing should be more obvious because I accidentally saved one photo five times cause I didn't see that it had already saved. Some backgrounds are really cool, but most are lame.

Minor Glitch

The app is pretty good. I don't see why everyone else is complaining. One minor glitch when you reopen the app it doesn't return to the last page you were on last time. Fix this and you will get 5 stars.


This app is poopy

Instructions on how to use this app

With icons only it is hard to understand the app. This is what you do. 1. Browse photos until you find the one you wish to use as wallpaper. 2. Touch bottom right screen icon. "Saved" will appear. 3. Exit app. Open Photo app and go to Camera Roll. 4. Your selected photo will be there. Touch thumbnail to open photo full screen. 5. Touch botton left screen icon to open menu to "Use as Wallpaper."

Bar Barlet

This apps are really awesome apps, i like this app

Name is deceiving

They say there are 80,000+ pictures, but there are a grand total of...wait for it...0 pictures. That's right. I opened the app and it said no pictures available. Don't get the app unless you just want to fill up your iPod/iPhone.

Not so hot

It took forever to load and I went though a lot of pics and none were that great. Keep looking.