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Just like you can test drive a new car or try Netflix one month for free, you can trial a new habit.

Good habits can make our lives easier and help us accomplish great things. If only they were easier to acquire…

There seem to be two barriers to adopting new habits.

1) Making a commitment to make a permanent change (this is how adopting a new habit often feels like)
2) How to persist and do this new behaviour sufficient number of times so that it becomes automatic (i.e. becomes a habit)

So what could help us overcome these?

Maybe if we just trial this new habit for 30 days. Then, at the end of 30 days, if we are happy with it, we keep doing it. The habit is already formed at this point so sticking with it should be almost effortless.
If at the end of the 30 days we realise that it’s not for us, we go back to our old behaviour.

So, if the habit was to exercise every day, we can go back to sitting on the couch, if the trial was to eat healthily, we can go back to junk food. If it was to quit TV, go on a 3-day box-set binge. But the main thing is that at this point we have that choice.

30 days is how long it normally takes to install a new habit.
At the same time, 30 days is not too long so that you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You have nothing to lose.
But you could end up changing your life.

All that this app does is help you keep track of your new habit for 30 days.
There are no fancy graphics, no social media, no help from your friends.
Just you and your habit. Do the habit, tick it off for the day. Tomorrow again. 30 days.

Note: this will tend to work for habits that are done on daily basis.


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