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1Weather may be the most beautiful weather app you’ve ever seen, but don't let that fool you, it’s also extremely powerful.
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Weather Free OneLouder iPhone, iPad, iPod

Designed to provide you with essential info at a glance, but with in-depth weather data only a swipe or tap away, 1Weather is perfect for both casual users and serious weather watchers. Our iPad layout has been improved and now offers popover menus and scrollable cards.

Track and view weather forecasts and current conditions for “My Location” to get real-time updates wherever you go, or add any location you choose. 1Weather supports millions of locations worldwide.

Whether you want to check the temperature, precipitations forecast, Doppler radar, or simply keep up with the current phases of the sun and moon, 1Weather has you covered.

Features include:

Track current conditions and forecasts for your location and up to 12 locations of your choosing. Access graphs, precipitation forecast, maps and informative weather videos. U.S. locations receive Severe Weather Alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS). For your convenience, quick access to weather radar is available from every screen. You'll have access to:

Feels like Temperature, Wind Speed and Direction, Visibility, Humidity, UV Index, Barometric Pressure, Dew Point, Percentage Chance of Precipitation for the Next Hour (POP).

Hourly – 2 day / 48 Hour
Detailed – 1.5 days, detailed
Extended – 10 days
12 Week – a 1Weather app exclusive, U.S. locations receive the 12 Week PRECISON CAST from renowned meteorologist Gary Lezak. A must for planning weddings, vacations, reunions, parties, and other outdoor events! Features video and text forecasts.

Share screenshots and forecast info to email and social media

7 hours of temperature highs and percent chance of precipitation
1 week of temperatures highs and lows percent chance of precipitation

Precipitation Forecast:
Next hour and 7-day percentage chance

Weather Discussion:

Forecast Discussion from the National Weather Service (U.S. only) accessible from the “more” menu with information on severe weather, Marine forecasts (where applicable), Aviation forecasts, and more

Fullscreen mode with Zoom
Standard, Satellite, and Hybrid map views
User adjustable layer opacity

Weather Layers:
Radar, Clouds, Surface Temperature, Dew Point, Relative Humidity, Wind Speed, UV Index

Severe Weather Layers:
Fire, Floods, Fog, Freezing, Hurricane and Tropical, Hurricane and Tropical Tracks, Ice, Snow, Storm and Tornados, Wind, Winter

Sun & Moon:
Track Sunrise and Sunset Time.
Lunar (Moon) Phases: First Quarter, Waxing Crescent, New Moon, Waning Crescent, Third Quarter, Waning Gibbous, Full Moon, Waxing Gibbous

Today Notification
Severe Weather Alerts with customizable push alerts for U.S. locations.

Temperature Units: Fahrenheit (*F), Celsius (*C)
Wind Units: Miles per hour (mph), Kilometers per hour (km/h), Meters per second (m/s), Knots (kn), Beaufort scale
Pressure Units: Inches of Mercury (“), Millibars (mb), Millimeters of Mercury (mm), Atmosphere (atm), Kilopascal (kPa)
Distance Units: Miles, Kilometers


Latest update is a hot mess

I’ve had this app for years, loved it’s simplicity. Now, instead of looking at the screen and pretty much seeing everything I want to see in a glance, it’s all over the place. Too distracting, and irritating. I’ll be dumping it.


IOS 12.5.3, iPad Air. Why won’t the APP, save favorites, every time I save, ADD, locations, next time I turn on my iPad, all gone?. Emailed the same question weeks ago, no answer. Ready to DELETE No answer from you, tried every way to get it to hold locations, won’t hold, DELETED APP, BYE BYE ?


I do not like your updated version. It was a nice app. The redesign looks like a 5th grader did it. The radar doesn’t show my location. Go back to the other version.

Bug after update
Bliss of Union

I had twelve locations saved. With the update, it can I longer access any of them. Said there are too many, but I can’t delete.

At least the radar is fixed…

Not really digging the rest of the latest update. Miss the long range forecast and more detailed precipitation forecasting.

Heat index

Can’t get the index value and do need it, I have issues with health and need to see the values.

12 week forecast gone

First the app stopped working. Then an update finally returned service. Another update, and now the 12 week forecast is gone. I can only go 10 days out.

Used this for years …then

I owned a Samsung devices for sometime. I used this app for several years. When I got the iPhone I downloaded the app and I could not upgrade for anything. I wrote the publisher, they said they would get back to me. That, was at least two months ago. A follow up email was ignored.

Hate new interface

I really liked this app but they just completely changed it spring 2021 so you can no longer read the forecast. All pictures now with no idea what they mean. Will have to find another weather app now that looks like this one used to. I used to really like the hourly forecast feature. Not useful now.

Vikings Al

The old was awesome. This version is complete Crap

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