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1Password - Password Manager is free iOS app published by AgileBits Inc.

1 Password


The best app. A+++

Love it.

Ron 309

Been a user for years. I love this app don’t know what I would do without it.

Wonderful app! Worth every penny.


Great experience. My digital life would be much less secure without 1Password. Now my accounts are secure; and it’s as easy as one password.

Phenomenal (updated, morally corrupt company)


Now- we’re being strong armed into the software rental plan with the release of 7. There is a license available but they’ve made the tragically poor business decision to remove features/punish their original customers. Stay away, the executives steering this company are totally lacking both in creativity and moral compass. 2014- I always wanted to rely strictly on keychain but it's not as smooth as I'd like. I've tested out a half dozen pw apps in the past year and always felt like there was nothing gained over keychain or it was too laborious. I ended up giving it a shot because I'm a big Alfred user. It's a homerun. Between the browser ext, mac app and ios- all synced over Icloud, it's dare I say- the perfect pw manager. I'm happy to pay a higher price for a good app (esp security) and this is worth it. Thank you


Buffer arms

Easy to use. A little bit of a learning curve to set up but my God is this worth it. Love the watch tower



Tutorial is practically nonexistent. I had to go to YouTube to try and find videos so I can get this to work on my IPhone X. Most videos I found were for laptops/desktops only. Finally gave up and deleted app. I prefer a step by step guide. As much as I wanted to love this app, all I got was frustrated.

Keys to my kingdom


Could not live in today’s digital world without this application. I cannot speak highly enough of not just this app but the desktop apps and the company behind the 1Passworld world. They are constantly improving their products and allowing me to use complex, difficult to break passwords. I was in the middle of a support session one day and the tech saw me invoke 1Password during the session and he was dumbfounded - he said “Whoa - what was that?” I told him and showed him how it worked and he said “That is amazing! We need to get that!”

Saves Old Brains


Product is well conceived and implemented. Find it works very well for me on an assortment of Apple products. The best of all the apps.

1password review


This is a great app for passwords!



Love this app!