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Prepare for the FAA Part 107 remote pilot drone test using the official FAA sample questions (explained), 300 new practice questions we've developed, and a printable cheat sheet, which covers everything you need to know to pass the test.
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Education $4.99 Kelvin Beecroft iPhone, iPad, iPod

This app does not provide any training. It offers a practice test and cheat sheet to review before the test. It is not intended as a replacement for personal study.

- Detailed explanations
- Track your progress
- Turn on Study Mode to get instant answer checking and explanations, turn off to simulate testing environment
- Choose number of questions
- Choose topics
- Preview all questions
- Questions are not repeated after they’ve been answered (reset to repeat)
- Tap the progress chart to reset questions
- Answers are presented in random order so you’re not remembering the position of the correct answer, i.e. A, B, or C


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